This summer our vikings are offering Martial Arts lessons. If your interesting in learning to use a traditional weapon or weapons, give us a call. Martial arts are great for both Physical and mental health. Physically, martial arts help develop balance, reflexes, and awareness. The mentality required for the path to mastery, allows a good outlet for stress, helps strengthen will power, self worth, and self awareness. As well as discipline, focus, and a lowering of anxiety. Martial Arts are wonderful for all children and teens in providing a sense of community, and belonging.

The current weapons listed below are the first round on offer, Hire a teacher for 20 dollars an hour, bring as many friends as you like, or keep it one on one. If you need help selecting or purchasing the right equipment and analog equipment, drop us an email, we will provide you will all the information we can to help you get the right gear.

$20 an hour. 



Our Vikings boast proficiency in multiple archer styles. If you want to learn a fast paced shooting style for archery tag, ask them about the Mongolian style. Looking to start your hunting career, They will bring out the training targets and break into the modern 3-D style of shooting. Archery is great for all ages and can be tailored to meet a wide variety of mobility issues and disabilities.


Movies have long depicted the sword as a baseball bat with a sharp edge, When in reality it is more like wrestling mixed with chess. Swords often bind together, leaving swordsmen to fight for position, Shifting sword angles and positions bit by bit working the angles to create an opening in the opponent's defence.



Kenjutsu is the purest most precise form of swordsmanship our vikings know. Unlike thier larger european cousins, Japanese Swords were designed for duelling. Kenjutsu practitioners hope to touch swords as little as possible. Technical precision, quick reflexes, patience and anticipation of your rival are the keys to success.

Quarter Staff

Almost all historical weapon based martial arts systems start with learning the quarter staff. The quarter staff forms and movements learnt translate to most other melee weapons. Our quarter staff system is based on European quarterstaff blended with Asian Bo Staff. Creating a fast paced highly defensive style, with strong counter punching technique.

bow staff.png


Our axe fighting style is self developed, and serves as the middle ground between the larger sword, power based European combat systems and the Precision based Kenjutsu styles used by Japanese swordsmen for centuries.

Begin your journey to mastery today!

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