Business Packages

Viking Games offers equipment, training, and upkeep to business owners or personal customers . If you're looking to get in on the axe throwing revolution, this is the easiest place to begin. Purchase of one of our business plans which includes one year maintenance membership.

Single Tree Target

The Tree Target kit is everything you need to get started. The target frame straps quickly to any tree.


  • 1 target frame

  • 1 target

  • 3 target replace boards

  • 6 axes

  • 2 replacement handles

  • Target Stencil 2 cans of paint

Purchase $500

Rent $80/a day $250/week

Free Standing Target

The free standing kit allows you to set up and throw anywhere you like.

  • 1 free standing target frame

  • 1 target

  • 3 replacement boards

  • 6 axes

  • 2 replacement handles

  • Target stensil and 2 cans of paint



Rent $100/day $350/week

1 Year Maintenance Plans

Axe Throwing requires basic maintenance. Handles need to be sanded to prevent the throwers hands from cuts and slivers. Axe Heads require regular sharpening and oiling. and targets need to be replaced and repainted. Let us take care of all that for you.   

  • $150 dollars, covers door to door delivery fees, covers 2 trips a week and axe head maintenance.

  • $14.99 per handle

  • $12 dollars per board


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